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About Us

The 12-member board was established by the Kentucky General Assembly in 1994. Five members are appointed from state government agencies, one each from the Kentucky Department for Natural Resources, Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, Department of Parks, Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission and the Environmental Education Council. Seven members of the board are private citizens, selected by the governor from nominations by conservation groups, the Kentucky Academy of Science, agricultural interests and natural resources industries.

The citizen members serve without pay and give their time for the quarterly board meetings and function as active committees of the board. These committees review and visit project application sites, review and monitor site stewardship, and provide advice and recommendations on other issues coming before the board.


 Board Members

Agency Represented
Dr. Albert Meier
Kentucky Academy of Science
G. William Little
Environmental Organizations
KHLCF Vice-Chair
Department for Natural Resources
502-564-6940Ex Officio Member
Gregory Johnson
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
502-564-7109Ex Officio Member
Donnie Holland
Kentucky Department of Parks
502-564-2172Ex Officio Member
Zeb Weese
Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission
502-573-2886KHLCF Chairman
Billie Hardin
Environmental Education Council
Ex Officio Member
Franklin D. Fitzpatrick
Kentucky Chapter of the Nature Conservancy
KHLCF Treasurer
Alex Barnett
Agricultural Organizations
Dr. Paul M. Sheets
League of Kentucky Sportsmen
Dr. Richard K. Kessler
Kentucky Academy of Science
Hugh Archer
Land Acquisition Expert
Member At-Large