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Nature Plates

Buy a nature license plate when you register your car, light truck or SUV. Money from the sale of the plate goes into the Heritage Land Conservation Fund for purchasing natural areas to be left as wild places held in trust for future generations. Since the program began in 1995, Kentuckians have contributed more than $10 million. The most popular plates from the past are back and now available.  

To get a nature plate

  • If you are registering a new or out-of-state vehicle in Kentucky for the first time, request a nature license plate from your county clerk or motor vehicle dealer.
  • If you lease in Kentucky, offer your leasing company a check for the extra charge to get the nature license plate.
  • If you are converting from a regular plate, turn in your plate to your county clerk and you will be given credit for the months remaining on your decal.

How much does it cost?

The annual cost is $10 above the cost of a regular license plate and is considered a tax deductible donation to the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund. It is used to purchase land from willing sellers for nature preserves, state parks and forests, wildlife management areas, recreation and environmental education areas, wild river corridors and wetlands.

For more information 

Go to the ​Kentucky Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing website or see your county clerk.