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Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund (KHLCF) Mission

Established in 1994, KHLCF provides funding for preserving and conserving natural areas that possess unique features such as:

  • Areas that are a habitat for rare and endangered species.
  • Areas important to migratory birds.
  • Areas that perform important natural functions that are subject to alteration or loss.
  • Areas to be preserved in their natural state for public use, outdoor recreation and education.

The Heritage Land Conservation Fund Board gives special consideration to funding agencies working together to meet these goals.

Revenue for the fund comes from the nature license plate, the state portion of the unmined minerals tax and environmental fines. The Environmental Education Council receives $150,000 of environmental fines each year for environmental education programs. 
The location of the board meetings vary and will be listed on this website as soon as determined.  Please contact the KHLCF office using the contact information below to confirm your attendance or to obtain more information.  


 How are KHLCF funds distributed?

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources10%Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
Department of Parks10%Department of Parks
Divison of Forestry10%Divison of Forestry
Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves10%Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves
Kentucky Wild Rivers Program10%Kentucky Wild Rivers Program
Local Governments, State Colleges/Universities, Other State Agencies, Nonprofit Land Trusts50%